I wanted to sit down and take the time this morning to write a short post to acknowledge + help promote the upcoming screenings of the wonderful “home-grown” social media documentary “With Glowing Hearts“, a collaborative social film project under the astute and visionary production and direction of Vancouver’s Andrew Lavigne & Jon Ornoy. I had the opportunity to co-present and meet both Andrew and Jon at last years 604FreelanceCamp (2010), hosted by the wonderful + welcoming folks at The Network Hub. I hadn’t met either Andrew or Jon before that day, yet out co-presentation quickly gelled around the topic of “Promotion online with free tools for musicians, artists, etc ” .: yet anther example of the vibrancy and health of the supportive + encouraging social media communities that are blossoming + evolving here in Vancouver/BC/Canada/āˆž. I won’t give too much away about the With Glowing Hearts Social Media Documentary, but I will share this excerpt from their website:

“With Glowing Hearts is an inspiring documentary about a group of citizen journalists reshaping their worlds through social media. Tour the site, meet the people, and watch the videos. The film is available for purchase. We made this film without direct funding and continue to support the community that helped us make something amazing from their stories.”

With Glowing Hearts will be screening at a variety of Canadian cities throughout the month of September 2011 .: so please do yourself a favour and catch the film when it’s screening near your Canadian (for now…) city! I’m listing a number of social contact points to find out more + connect with a few of the documentary filmmakers + educators/storymakers/photographers who have produced this amazing piece of 2.1 century Canadianism .: 2010+.

Find + Follow With Glowing Hearts through:





@JeffaCubed signing off. Again, please do yourself a favour and catch this film in a Canadian city near you!