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Making the Web Sing


Life winds you down,
The wind blows around,
I never saw what everyone was chasing,
I never saw what everyone was chasing,

The gears of the heart, break with less force…


A song I started working on after coming back from the East Coast in November, 2013. Just my voice, an old-skool Fender Stratocaster Japanese replica played through an iOS GarageBand real-time jazz-amp + a ‘virtual’ iOS cello instrument.

'Cabinized Four'

‘Cabinized Four’ evolved after some ‘black keys’ noodling on a very foggy Vancouver day in early January (2014) plus through experimenting with the built-in beat / rhythm / sound effects on my Casio Privia PX-555R digital piano.

'Spiral Dynamica'

As much as I LOVE the entire singer-songwriter-performer experience of music, a genuine part of me does truly enjoy sound sampling, re-mixing & electronica themed music creations. This piece is a sound-experiment foray via GarageBand for OS X.


The result of my ‘old favourite’ songwriting methodology – to put a guitar in ‘random’ tuning & see what shakes / plays out. The iOS echo amp effect gives the sense of a second instrument. A robot drummer keeps me @ a steady 90 bpm.

'One Atmosphere'

Second take, unedited & unmixed iOS instrumental recording of my latest song ‘One Atmosphere’. I’m never sure where nor how these songs come about – they just do √

Bandcamp is pretty awesome, I’m on there too.

Song Popularity (monthly) by Plays Counts

  • ‘Cabinized Four’ 23%
  • ‘Current’ 30%
  • ‘Slowly’ 7%
  • ‘One Atmosphere’ 6%
  • ‘Spiral Dynamica’ 9%
  • Chasing 25%

A few of my favourite things…

About: I’m a DIY musician, community-builder + web-maker ~ experimenting at the junction between analogue & digital. I've worn a few other hats over the years - like surveyor, forester, engineer, researcher & wood-nerd. These days, I'm primarily focused on creating music | building communities | leveraging technology.
It would be an ‘understatement’ for me to say über-awesome technologies like WordPress, BuddyPress, Twilio/OpenVBX, BandCamp, SoundCloud, iOS, HTML5, API’s excite me - so expect much of what I share / create to be derived from how I have & continue to leverage, mobilize & understand those technologies. With any luck, my audience (i.e you) will find something useful, engaging & entertaining here!
- JeffaCubed (a.k.a. Jeff Arsenault)