A quick update from my as-of-late “gathering dust” web.log. I’m very close to taking the design sledgehammer & chisel to JeffaCubed.com again – this time paving the way to further simplify & streamline my present and future vision for the site. Some folks express their creativity through writing, some with images, others via video, yada ad infinitum. The future road-map for the JeffaCubed web.log evolves around “sound”. As far back as I can remember, sound has generally been my dominant medium for creative expression – so it’s fitting that the next phase of this web.log experiment comes full circle to complete the sound Ω loop.

I’ve also been recording & mixing many of the newer songs (~ 13) I’ve been working on of the past year or so. CRTC (if you’re Canadian, you likely know what that acronym means…) is a piece I wrote back in early 2011, right around the time that the distorted picture of what “a” future of the internet for Canadians was taking shape. I’ll also be co-creating an original music video for the song “CRTC”, so if any of you have any images that you’d like to have featured in the video, please email them, preferably under creative-commons licensing, to co-create@jeffacubed.com. If we use your image, we’ll be sure to note your creative contribution to the final video project. Finckenstein, this note’s for you.

CRTC by @JeffaCubed (Jeff Arsenault .: music & lyrics January 2011-2012)


C was for Canadian, and you’re disappointing me,
Your back-room deals they illustrate, what you’re too pale to see,
So we boosted your expense account, with more hypocrisy,
And if you break the internets, you’ll never learn to see.


R is for resistance, there’s still democracy,
It’s time to call your lackeys off, there’s more to this than me,
Your ties are dripping in your soup, your lapels are getting soiled,
And yes I love the elderly, but there’s some things they don’t know.


T is for the time you missed, it’s a new century,
No I didn’t get your email, that you never sent to me,
T is also tightrope, that you’re walking on,
As you propagate a scarcity, that isn’t real at all.


C is for the case-in-point, yes it’s come to this,
The tools you use to regulate, have fallen to abyss,
We ask you now to step aside, and exit graciously,
For if you break the internets, you’ll answer not to me.
If you break the internets, you’ll answer not to me…

Creative Commons BY:NC:SA