This ‘Nokia N8’ version of Carboniferous is a direct video & audio recording on a Nokia N8 smart-device. Surprisingly, particularly in an era of proprietary mobile-device drivers + interfaces, my Blue Microphones ‘Snowball‘ was immediately recognized & USB core-compliant on a Nokia N8. As I’ve mentioned before during my 1-month review of the Nokia N8, the 12MP Carl Zeiss lens optics on the N8 are nothing short of spectacular – on ANY device.

Carboniferous” is a melodic, instrumental song that I’ve been writing/working on for the better part of the past 15+ years. This songs originates from another dropped-D tuning experiment that basically “just sounded really good” at the time. I’m quite sure that I’ve rarely played this song the same way twice. A few of the comments/feedback I’ve had from others who have downloaded/purchased/streamed this song are: “This song literally lulls me to sleep”, “You should release a mediation version of this song”, and “My ~3 year old baby stops crying when I play this song…” certainly all-very-good feedback + food-for-thought when I’m wearing my “Cubed” marketing hat!

Anyways, please enjoy and share via attribution. We’re in the process of adding what will be a fresh + imaginative merchandise store to the blog b/f the end of 2011 .: so stay tuned :-)

@JeffaCubed .: October 2011