I’ve been writing Haiku’s for a very_long_time, and I “still” remember the first Haiku I wrote back in Grade 3 (Summerside, PEI) at Parkside Elementary, a seemingly_unimaginable 33 years ago. I also truly enjoy Tai Chi .: so I wanted to add some additional publishing_predictability to the JeffaCubed blog by introducing what I’m calling “Taiku” or “Calm in Your Pocket” every Tuesday under the tagline (or hashtag…) #TaikuTuesday. This week’s TaikuTuesday is inspired by a shot I took on my trial NokiaN8 back in October. The image was taken at Burgoo Bistro on West 10th Avenue in Vancouver, BC.

“Nature IS…nutty | Collected bits define space | Autumnize again”

@JeffaCubed .: November 1st, 2011 – #TaikuTuesday Vol1