‘If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it again?’


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A Vancouver based – PEI born, singer-songwriter musician, community-builder + web-maker ~ experimenting at the junction between analogue & digital. JeffaCubed’s original music/song-crafting has been described as a mixmaster-blend of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Robyn Hitchcock + Mazzy Star. In short, he’s “a poet who happens to sing + play guitar”. He’s current a solo performer, more often that not choosing an Ibanez ArtCore hollow-body guitar (aka, the #BlueFalcon) & his Boss RC-3 Loopstation (aka, #HaroldDeLooper). Stay tuned Ω

About: Singer-songwriter musician, community-builder + web-maker ~ experimenting at the junction between analogue & digital. I’ve worn a few other hats over the years – like surveyor, forester, engineer, researcher & wood-nerd. These days, I’m primarily focused on creating music | building communities | leveraging technology.

Intention: The ‘intent’ of JeffaCubed is to provide a fluid, flexible & dynamic medium through which to share my creative pursuits (primarily original music) + interweb discoveries. My aim with JeffaCubed is to be entertaining & engaging – while at the same time keeping the content workflows closely aligned with the digital mediums I’m most likely to produce work in:

  1. Audio
  2. Images
  3. Video

With any luck, my audience (i.e you) will find something useful, engaging & helpful here! – JeffaCubed (a.k.a. Jeff Arsenault)

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